Download Link for Android and Firesticks, Mac , IOS

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Download Link for Android and Firesticks, Mac , IOS

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Max app download link for android phones, tables, iptv boxes and firesticks

This is a private version of xciptv with MAX Logo

it is a download link, jus click on the download button, install and run after that
it will request user and pass

IF you need the URL

it will be sent with the user and pass after you send your donation

Public XCIPTV app download link


Smarters App

App for Android , Amazon Firesticks, Windows , IOS and Mac computers

App for Iphone

Xtream IPTV

You can use any app that works with xtreme panel system

for example TVMATE , SMARTERS, there are many aps

I do not recommend using smarters because it is not stable, but its up to you
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